Tips for Visiting California’s Aquariums

Children Visiting California's Aquarium

California’s aquariums are among the best in the world. They offer a fantastic opportunity to learn about marine life and enjoy stunning underwater exhibits. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your visit to California’s aquariums.

Visiting California’s Aquariums

Plan Your Visit Ahead

Before you head to one of California’s aquariums, take some time to plan your trip. Check the aquarium’s website for information on hours, ticket prices, and special exhibits. This can help you make the most of your visit.

A family Visiting California's Aquarium
Visiting California’s Aquariums

Arrive Early

Arriving early can help you avoid crowds. California’s aquariums are popular attractions, so getting there when they open can give you a head start and a more enjoyable experience.

Buy Tickets Online

Purchasing tickets online can save you time. Many aquariums offer discounted prices for online purchases, and you can skip the ticket line when you arrive.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You’ll likely be walking a lot during your visit. Wearing comfortable shoes will help you stay comfortable and enjoy your time at the aquarium.

Bring a Camera

Don’t forget your camera! California’s aquariums are filled with beautiful exhibits that you’ll want to capture. Just be sure to turn off the flash to avoid disturbing the marine life.

Take Your Time

Take your time to enjoy the exhibits. California’s aquariums offer a lot to see, from large tanks with sharks and rays to small displays of colorful fish and coral.

Visit the Touch Pools

Many of California’s aquariums have touch pools where you can interact with marine life. This hands-on experience is great for kids and adults alike.

Attend Feeding Times

Feeding times are some of the most exciting moments at the aquarium. Check the schedule and make sure to catch a feeding session for an up-close look at how the animals are cared for.

Join a Guided Tour

Guided tours can enhance your visit. Knowledgeable guides provide insights into the exhibits and the marine life on display, making your experience more educational.

Check Out Special Exhibits

California’s aquariums often have special exhibits that focus on specific marine animals or ecosystems. Don’t miss these unique opportunities to learn more about the ocean.

Visit the Gift Shop

Aquarium gift shops are perfect for finding unique souvenirs. From plush toys to books and clothing, there’s something for everyone.

Support Conservation Efforts

Many of California’s aquariums are involved in conservation efforts. Consider making a donation or participating in programs that support marine life preservation.

Take Breaks

Take breaks as needed. Many aquariums have seating areas where you can relax and enjoy the view.

Stay Hydrated

Bring a water bottle and stay hydrated during your visit. Walking around can be tiring, and it’s important to drink plenty of water.

Enjoy the Outdoor Areas

Some aquariums have outdoor exhibits and areas where you can enjoy the weather and see additional displays. Don’t miss these sections during your visit.

Learn from the Displays

Take time to read the information provided at each exhibit. California’s aquariums offer educational displays that provide fascinating details about marine life.

Engage with Interactive Exhibits

Many aquariums have interactive exhibits that are both fun and educational. These are great for kids and adults who want a hands-on learning experience.

Follow the Rules

Each aquarium has its own set of rules to protect the animals and ensure a pleasant visit for everyone. Be sure to follow these guidelines during your visit.

Ask Questions

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask the staff. They are usually very knowledgeable and happy to share information about the exhibits.

Plan a Return Visit

California’s aquariums often update their exhibits and add new features. Plan a return visit to see what’s new and continue learning about marine life.


Visiting California’s aquariums is a wonderful experience that offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of marine life. By planning ahead, taking your time, and engaging with the exhibits, you can make the most of your visit. Enjoy the beauty and wonder of California’s aquariums!

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