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Project Lead The Way California (PLTW California) is an innovative American nonprofit organization. Through our platform, we formulate STEM curricula and evaluate the same to help educators and learners have access to a wide selection of standards-aligned courses. Students can also acquire our instructional materials in core STEM courses to facilitate their successes in career preparation tests.

To boost the number of scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians, and biomedical professionals in the US across all minority communities in the STEM fields, we contribute to 21st-century educational solutions such as blended learning, online learning, and academic services.

Classes Offered

Grades K – 5

Computer Science Fundamentals Express Courses. Learn to make your own game, app, or computer drawing. Here STEM education concentrates on the elementary grade STEM subjects and comprehension of the STEM disciplines and professions. The aim is to excite students about the courses so that they pursue them.

3hrs 30 Min

Grades 6 – 12

Learn the fundamentals with our self-paced courses. The STEM courses become more complicated at this level, thus challenging the student’s intellectual capacity. Moreover, teachers create an awareness of the fields, and jobs related to STEM, and the prerequisites for the areas. Students begin to explore careers related to STEM at this level. Build real working apps, games, and websites using blocks, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and more.

3hrs 30Min

Beyond K-12 

The scheme of study concentrates on the application of the courses in a tasking and strict procedure. One of the goals is to fill the gaps between in-school and out-of-school STEM vacancies. Go beyond Codes and continue your path in computer science. Professionals target STEM curriculum at diverse minority communities, such as females, that typically shy away from the fields.


Introduction to STEM

The introduction to STEM begins with the exposure of students to the four interdisciplinary courses of STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to create awareness, improve knowledge, acquire problem-solving skills, and awaken their desire to pursue a STEM career. STEM education commences while learners are still kids.

STEM Education

How It Works

What distinguishes STEM from conventional science and math education is the synthesized learning atmosphere, which demonstrates to learners how to apply the scientific technique in their regular life.

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