Why is STEM Important?

Data from the United States Department of Commerce shows that STEM jobs increase at a 17% rate. This is impressive considering that other job markets are growing at a less-than 10% rate. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Professionals qualified in any of these fields play a central role in re-engineering the United States economy. The STEM fields are also at the center of innovative technologies.

So why is STEM important? Read on to find out.

Enhances Innovation

Landmark innovations will define the 21st century. The first two decades have been marked by major scientific leaps that target society’s main problems today. In the new era of globalization, students will need to prioritize STEM capabilities to stay ahead of their contemporaries.


Science Pervades All Spheres of Life

STEM capabilities tackle problems in all spheres of life. This is more important today because science is all around us. Everyday life has become so dependent on technological progress, and it is impossible to imagine life without electronic devices.

For instance, engineering has major applications in designing and repairing bridges, roads, and buildings. Scientists are also using engineering ideas to solve global warming and climate change. Consequently, virtually every profession today requires some form of mathematical principles. In other words, every activity we undertake in our daily lives can be made faster and easier using mathematics.

Therefore, by encouraging students to study STEM subjects, we build a new population that will play a key role in the coming years. This is easier when kids find it easy to identify opportunities and understand the new concepts. They will also see the correlation between the principles they study in school and their daily lives. However, this can only happen if teachers make it fun to learn mathematics and science.

Racial Inclusivity

Studies have shown that STEM education reduces or eliminates gender and ethnic gaps. This is a positive development because minorities and women perform poorer in mathematics and science than male whites. STEM education focuses on the barriers that prevent men and women from making progress in mathematics and science. It encourages governments, both at the federal and local levels, to deploy more resources to eliminate these barriers.


Helps the USA Remain a Global Superpower


Most people think that it is nuclear weapons that made the United States a powerful country. But recent studies have shown that it is the innovative culture that put the USA ahead. Therefore, if the US hopes to remain a global leader, it has to invest more in STEM education.

The US is a world power because many of its companies have produced solutions that make everyday life easier. For example, the digital revolution started in the United States. Social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook are all American companies. The founders of these companies, as well as their leading engineers, were beneficiaries of STEM education. This shows that STEM education is a long-term strategy that will not be abandoned because of the inevitable adverse effects.


Helps Children Become Problem Solvers

STEM education includes co-curricular activities. Curriculum experts believe that introducing STEM education at an early age encourages children to take up STEM careers later in life. STEM education makes this happen because it simplifies traditionally difficult subjects. Moreover, STEM invites parents to play a larger role in their children’s career choices. This increased awareness creates a society that is receptive to STEM education.


Accelerates Academic Success

According to recent studies, children who learn STEM concepts before grade 12 have higher chances of attending college than those who don’t. As a result, the nation increases its pool of professionals with the right skill set to create businesses. Similarly, there is a guarantee that the next generation will have the capabilities to thrive and compete in the digital world. These children will have no problem living in an information-based world dominated by quantum computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things. STEM essentially creates children who can think and act like computers.

Final Take

Every nation depends on future generations to continue the work being done today. The only way to ensure that your children grow up to become innovative and better leaders is to implement the best education system. We believe that the STEM education system is up to this task.

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