Introduction to STEM

The introduction to STEM begins with the exposure of students to the four interdisciplinary courses of STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to create awareness, improve knowledge, acquire problem-solving skills, and awaken their desire to pursue a STEM career.¬†Learners will know the crucial principles, history, processes, applications, and concepts of STEM. By exploring the findings and inventions in STEM, students will study and evaluate the challenges of today’s world.¬†

Furthermore, the introductory part of STEM also involves revealing to students the various computer applications that help with analyzing and presenting scientific data. Students will acquire a better understanding of the significance of measurements and images in daily life.

Lastly, they will learn the different strategies usually employed to work out problems in the STEM disciplines. As the course progresses, students will practice STEM careers to become aware of their strengths in the study.

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